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1070 aluminum foil for battery shell in Korea

1070 Battery aluminum foil used as a collector of lithium ion batteries. Usually, use of rolling aluminum foil for lithium ion battery industry.
For the positive collector body. Rolling foil thickness ranging from 10 to 50 microns. Commonly used lithium batteries of pure aluminum foil, 1060, 1050, 1145, 1235, etc. Various kinds of alloy nameplate, -o, H14, H24, H22 and H18, etc.
battery aluminum foil
The processing process of 1070 battery aluminum foil:
1, the thickness of aluminum foil rolling mill equipment is equipped with advanced automatic control system and automatic flatness control system, and achieve precise control of plate type and thickness;
2, selection of aluminum foil blank, strictly control the hydrogen content, non-metallic slag amount and grain size, from raw materials to ensure product quality;
3, the use of advanced on-line oil removal technology, in the aluminum foil on the basis of mechanical strength, to ensure the purity of the aluminum foil.
The features of 1070 battery foil:
The surface is good, gloss uniform. Aluminum foil surface without bright spots. The thickness of the battery aluminum foil without error, precision specifications.
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