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Mingtai produces 3003 aluminum strip for power battery shell

Addtime: 2018-07-12 16:04:29
Mingtai Aluminum produces 3003 aluminum strip for power battery shell with high quality and factory price. Mingtai Aluminum is China's noted aluminum plate manufacturer, and China's famous private aluminum processing listed company, producing 1-8 series aluminum plate/strip/coil/foil.
3003 aluminum strip for power battery shell
Power battery shell materials are generally divided into aluminum shell and steel shell, using aluminum shell is much lighter and safer than steel shell packaging. 3003 aluminum strip is the main material for power battery shell. The lithium battery with the same capacity from the worst results, even if the battery in case of explosion, lithium battery aluminum shell is also much weaker than the burst force of the steel shell, resulting in a lower hazard.
The aluminum shell for battery shell is mainly made of 3003 aluminum alloy. The power battery shell processed by aluminum has the characteristics of easy processing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and excellent electrical conductivity. The aluminum power battery case made of 3003 aluminum alloy (except the shell cover) can be stretched at one time. Compared with the stainless steel shell, the bottom welding process can be omitted, and the metal element will not be burned during welding. The problem is that the weld quality deteriorates.
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