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3003 h18 Aluminium Foil Manufacturer

Date:2021-07-28 22:36

3003 h18 Aluminium Foil

3003 h18 aluminium foil belongs to rolled up alloy, which just performs work hardening after casting and rolling. Without annealing, the high hardness is obtained. Under the another temper H24, 3003 aluminum foil roll is incompletely annealed, and the tensile strength is 50MPa higher than that in annealed condition. Therefore, 3003 h18 aluminium foil is perfect material of honeycomb core.

3003 h18 Aluminium Foil Characteristics

Rigidity. 3003 h18 aluminium foil has high strength, toughness, and rigidity. Thus increase the compression strength of the structure and reduce the vibration level, making very stable state.
Corrosion Resistance. Belong to 3 series anti-rust alloy, so 3003 h18 aluminium foil can well resist corrosion in atmospheric and humid environment. Besides, It also has good resistance to cold and low temperature, with no low temperature brittleness.
Processability. 3003 h18 aluminium foil is a non-heat treated alloy. Its mechanical properties are improved by cold working. Under annealing condition, it has high plasticity and machinability.

3003 h18 Aluminium Foil Application

As mentioned above, 3003 h18 aluminium foil is widely used for honeycomb core. The common thickness is 0.02~0.06mm. For honeycomb core is the intermediate structure of aluminum honeycomb panel, and plays an important supporting role.
Use 3003-h18 honeycomb foil foil roll, the strength is much higher than 1100 grade, makes the final alu honeycomb panel isn’t easy to deform, and the flatness of panel is high after adhesive compound. So, 3003 h18 aluminium foil is popular in ACP and honeycomb panels in the construction field.


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