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1070 Aluminum Foil for Lid

Date:2021-07-31 10:32

1070 Aluminum Foil for Lid

1070 aluminum foil for lid is widely used in cosmetic cap materials.For the cosmetic cap, it is mainly used to seal the cosmetic, its function is different, the material is different, and the shape is also different.Therefore, the selection of cap material needs to understand its performance and other comprehensive factors.

Advantages of 1070 Aluminum Foil for Lid

1.  1070 aluminum foil for lid has high surface cleanliness.And 1070 aluminum foil used as cosmetic cap material, has good rust resistance, not easy to rust, good hygiene performance, simple and convenient to open, sealing performance is stronger.
2, Excellent corrosion resistance.In addition, 1070 aluminum foil for lid also has good heat insulation, moisture resistance and other multiple points, and non-toxic, plate shape is smooth quickly, the surface color and lustre is more uniform and clean.
3. The 1070 aluminum foil for lid produced by Mingtai Aluminum has no color difference, no crease, no smell of oil and gas, excellent formability and solubility, and good printing effect, which is very convenient for the production and processing of various cosmetic caps in the later period.

Price of 1070 Aluminum Foil for Lid

If you have inquired about the price, you must know the price of 1070 aluminum foil for lid given by each manufacturer are not the same, mainly because of its selection of thickness, processing technology, factory area and so on different, its offer, of course, is another matter.Therefore, the price of 1070 aluminum foil for lid as a cosmetic cap is not the only one, but also depends on the actual use requirements, according to the actual needs of users to customize more reasonable production plan.
And here, our Mingtai as a professional aluminum foil manufacturer, supplies factory direct price ! It’s very preferential ! So, if you are looking for aluminum foil for lid. Then don’t hesitated to contact us now ! Come on !

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