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Mingtai Aluminum supplies high quality electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil

Date:2018-01-10 15:06
Electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is a corrosive material working under polar conditions. It has high requirements for the organizational structure of the aluminum foil. It often uses three kinds of aluminum foil: the cathode foil, the thickness of 0.015mm ~ 0.06mm; high-pressure foil, the thickness 0.065mm ~ 0.1mm, requiring aluminum foil with high purity aluminum production; low pressure foil, the thickness of 0.06mm ~ 0.1mm.
Domestic manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors less aluminum foil, mainly the market demand is small, and the production technology and advanced countries have a big gap. But the aluminum electrolytic capacitor performance, low price, wide range of uses, so the market prospects are very good. At present, Japan's annual demand is 4.5 million tons, which is six times that of the Chinese market. With the development of the electronics industry and China's becoming a major industrial production base, the market demand for electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is promising.
Mingtai Aluminum can supply high-quality aluminum foil products for many applications, such as 
electronic foilpackaging foil, pharmaceutical foil, battery shell foil, milk cap foil, adhesive foil, cable foil.

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