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The uses and features of aluminum foil

Date:2018-01-13 14:31
Aluminum foil, commonly known as foil paper, tin foil, is a tool made of flattened aluminum, which is mainly used for cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or making something that can be easily cleaned. Most aluminum foil is shiny on one side and gray on the other. The food can be double-sided aluminum foil wrapped food, it is usually recommended to shine bread, to enhance the heat conduction effect. Due to its soft texture, good ductility and silvery white gloss, aluminum can be printed on aluminum foil if it is mounted on offset paper using a material such as sodium silicate.

Aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and shiny appearance, it can be made with many other packaging materials, integrated packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials, in addition to aluminum foil has the following characteristics: aluminum foil surface Extremely clean and hygienic, no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on their surface. Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can be in direct contact with food without any danger of endangering human health. Aluminum foil is a tasteless odorless packaging material, will not make the packaged food have any smell. If the foil itself is not volatile, it will not dry or shrink itself and the packaged food. No matter in the high temperature or the low temperature, the aluminum foil will not have the grease to penetrate the phenomenon. Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used for packaging various shapes of products. Can also create a variety of shapes containers. Aluminum foil hardness, tensile strength is also large, but its tear strength is small, so easily torn.
With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for beverages and canned foods such as beer and soft drinks is increasing day by day, which is well received by consumers.

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