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8006 Aluminum Foil for Food Container

Date:2021-04-07 20:45

8006 Aluminum Foil for Food Container

 8006 aluminum foil for food container is also a popular packaging material. Similarly, 8006 alu foil also belongs to 8000 series alloy. Its tensile strength is between 123 and 135. Besides, 8006 alloy has excellent stamping property, and is very suitable for the bulk stamping of wrinkle-free lunch boxes. After stamping and forming, the edge of the box has no fold, and the appearance is smooth and smooth. At present, 8006 aluminum foil made of food container is widely used in airline meal boxes, sanitary, beautiful, and heat preservation.

Differences between 8011 and 8006 Aluminum Foil for Food Container

In fact, 8006 aluminum foil for food container has high strength and is produced by hot rolling process. For 3003 container foil and 8011 aluminum foil, the strength is low, and the production process is cast and tied.

Secondly, the elongation and cup convexity of 8006 container foil are higher than 8011 and 3003 aluminum foil for food container. In addition, the tensile strength of 8006 aluminum foil is 10 MPa higher than 8011 aluminum foil, and slightly lower than 3003 aluminum foil.

Mingtai 8006 Aluminum Foil for Food Container

Available Temper:O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28
Thickness(mm): 0.006-0.2
Length(mm): Customized
Typical Application:food container, lunch boxes, food packaging, household foil,etc

Price of 8006 Aluminum Foil for Food Container 

How much is 8006 aluminum foil for food container? In fact, there are many aluminum foil manufacturers in the market at present, so the price comparison is not obvious, but the quality of each manufacturer is different. Most notably, the high quality of the product after its use was ensured. Here, Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer. Our raw materials reliable, mature process, strict quality management, 8006 aluminum foil quality superior! Get the best prices quickly, just email us, or leave a comment online!Come on !

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