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Electronic aluminum foil is a high-purity aluminum foil, is the electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil, aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in the production of electrode foil used in the blank. Thickness of 0.018mm - 300mm, the surface of electronic aluminum foil gloss, and no oil, no scratches. In the electronics industry, aluminum foils are used in the manufacture of heating elements for capacitors as well as condensers and cable shielding.
3003 electronic aluminum foil
The features of 3003 electronic aluminum foil:
3003 electronic aluminum foil, chemical corrosion, good airtight, good covering, hair hole density, light weight, no pollution, low impurity content,
electronic aluminum foil manufacturer
The application of 3003 electronic foil:
3003 electronic aluminum foil is mainly used in electronic components, for example, heat transfer, packaging, electronic appliances, construction, home and other fields.
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