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Container foil 3003 aluminum foil coil manufacturer

Addtime: 2020-02-22 15:12:54

Container aluminum foil 3003 aluminum foil coil

With the prevalence of Internet ordering today, it is not difficult to find that plastic meal boxes account for a large proportion of the daily domestic waste we produce. Plastic meal boxes cannot be reused. Most of them are disposable and not recyclable. Turning into garbage to pollute the environment. This can be avoided with aluminum foil lunch boxes. There are many types of aluminum foil for containers. Here we mainly introduce 3003 aluminum foil coil.

Advantages of 3003 aluminum foil coil

At present, the use of aluminum foil containers, domestic aluminum foils, and food packaging aluminum foils is very common abroad. However, domestic consumption is not high due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness, etc., but in fact there are many advantages of 3003 aluminum foil coil.

1. Recyclable and low pollution

Aluminum has extremely high recyclability and recyclability. The 3003 aluminum foil coil can be recycled and reused for an unlimited number of times. It also has limited quality loss and can maintain its original characteristics. The aluminum foil lunch box can be easily compressed after use, and easy to sort, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated.

2. Food grade, more at ease

In fact the 3003 aluminum foil coil is a food-grade aluminum foil. Aluminum foil utensils can well withstand temperature changes. At high and low temperatures of -20 ° C-250 ° C, the molecular structure is stable and unchanged. Its use temperature can be from rapid freezing to extreme baking and grilling, during which the aluminum foil does not deform, crack, melt or burn, and does not produce harmful substances.

3003 aluminum foil coil

3. Strong fresh-keeping function

Although the 3003 aluminum foil is thin, it has strong barrier properties, which can completely block light, gas and other substances, improve freshness and protect moisture, and prevent leakage or mixing of flavors, which can effectively maintain the original flavor and characteristics of the product.

4. High availability

If you have such a question, can you do color printing, surface coating, embossing, embossing, coding, etc. on aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers? Don't worry, it's all right. Such subsequent processing can highlight the differences and aesthetics of the product.

3003 aluminum foil coil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum has established a factory for more than 20 years, and the container aluminum foil 3003 aluminum foil coil produced is more affordable. At the same time, the specifications, quality, performance and service are good. Mingtai Aluminum not only produces 3003 aluminum foil coil, but also 8011 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum foil, etc., please feel free to consult. Mingtai Aluminum promises to make you happy and return with satisfaction.

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