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Why is the lunch box made of 3003 aluminum foil roll?

Addtime: 2019-11-23 15:53:54
The lunch boxes used on the plane are mostly made of 3003 aluminum foil rolls
The lunch boxes used on the aircraft are mostly aluminum foil lunch boxes, usually made of 8011 aluminum foil rolls or 3003 aluminum foil rolls, which are formed by one-time stamping forming of punching machines and molds. Many people have such a question: Why do air lunch boxes use aluminum foil rolls instead of plastic or other materials? Mingtai Aluminum - a professional aluminum foil manufacturer for everyone to explain.
Why use aluminum foil as lunch box material?
Plastic food boxes generally cannot be directly heated. At high temperatures, plastic products will volatilize harmful substances and endanger human health. In comparison, 3003 aluminum foil roll is a kind of material that is safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly. It is usually used as a packaging material. The advantage of protruding is that it has excellent barrier performance and can effectively block air, water and light, thus maintaining or extending food. Shelf life and freshness. Moreover, the lunch box made of 3003 aluminum foil roll can be directly heated, and the heat transfer performance is good, just meeting the requirement of short flight range and fast heating.
Container aluminum foil specifications
Alloy: 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil
Thickness range: 0.01mm-0.20mm
Width range: 100-1000mm
3003 aluminum foil roll price
The price of the 3003 aluminum foil roll consists of two parts. We need to know the use of the 3003 aluminum foil, its specifications (thickness * width) and its amount. The other part is the price of aluminum ingots. We take the price of the Yangtze River aluminum ingot price as the standard. Open and transparent.
Which is good for 3003 aluminum foil roll manufacturers?
Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum foil for lunch boxes is mainly made up of 3003 aluminum foil coils and 3003 aluminum foil coils. In recent years, 5052 aluminum foils and 3004 aluminum foils can also be used to manufacture aluminum foil containers, which are highly sought after by domestic and foreign companies. Mingtai prefers aluminum ingot raw materials, adopts advanced production equipment, strictly controls the product plate type, ensures the product version is flat, the surface is clean, the color is uniform, there is no spot, and there is no pinhole.
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