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Aluminum foil manufacturers introduces the medium gauge foil

Addtime: 2019-09-02 10:32:03
Aluminum foil manufacturers introduced, the so-called medium gauge foil is the thickness of the range of 0.01-0.1 aluminum foil, only one zero after the decimal point, such as 0.03mm. Aluminum foil manufacturers introduce Mingtai Aluminum's medium gauge foils are 1060, 1100, 1235, 3003, 8011, 8006, 8021, 8079, etc., widely used in packaging, aluminum foil lunch boxes / containers, tape, construction and other fields. Our well-known aluminum foil manufacturers introduce food packaging aluminum foil, medicinal aluminum foil, cigarette packaging, tape aluminum foil, electronic aluminum foil, etc. are all medium gauge foil.
There are many kinds of medium gauge foils, and there are many aluminum foil manufacturers. How to choose?
1. Determine the use of the medium gauge foil and the specifications, surface quality and performance requirements of the aluminum foil. For example, aluminum foil used in architectural decoration needs to have a smooth and beautiful surface, so it is best to have no oily vibration marks, water spots and slitting tension lines, so that you can choose the right aluminum foil manufacturers.
2. Pay attention to the quality of the aluminum foil foil manufacturers. Product quality is the primary reference factor for any customer purchase. Pay attention to check if there is any quality problem with the medium gauge foil.
3. See how the strength of aluminum foil manufacturers. The comprehensive strength of aluminum foil manufacturers is one of the important indicators to consider its product quality and service guarantee. In general, aluminum foil manufacturers with large scale and strong strength are more secure in terms of product quality and after-sales service.
4. Look at the transportation capacity and after-sales service system of aluminum foil manufacturers. Large aluminum foil manufacturers are generally equipped with their own logistics team to ensure one-stop distribution nationwide. At the same time, when receiving the goods, accept the customer's quality inspection, and the customer's after-sales problems can be properly and timely resolved.
Aluminum foil manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum supplies medium gauge foil with various states and specifications, for pharmaceutical packaging, food and food packaging, cosmetic packaging, tape foil, lunch box material, bottle cap material, cable foil, etc. The version is flat and the quality is excellent.
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