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China aluminum foil prices and common applications

Addtime: 2020-04-15 08:39:34
Because of its excellent performance, aluminum foil has a wider range of applications in life. At present, commonly used aluminum foils are 1060, 1235, 3003, 8011, 8021, 8079 aluminum foil, etc., which are widely used in packaging materials for food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. In addition, they have good applications in industrial fields such as electrolytic capacitor materials and lithium ion batteries effect.

China aluminum foil prices-about common applications

Aluminum foil is usually used for food, and sometimes used for decoration. Aluminum foil is also widely used for insulation, heat exchange, and electrical conductors. Usually used as packaging material. The thickness of the aluminum foil in the food packaging bag is only 6.5 microns. This thin aluminum layer can be waterproof, keep umami, antibacterial and antifouling.
1. Load food, we call it food container aluminum foil. This application is very common. The aluminum foil container is safe and hygienic, and can be reused without polluting the environment.
2. Barbecue. Some foods (such as sweet potatoes, enoki mushrooms, etc.) must be wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled, otherwise it is easy to burn. Wrap seafood, Flammulina velutipes, etc. with aluminum foil paper, but also retain the umami taste
3. Hairdressing. A hot curler is great for getting those curvy flanges of hairs, but it also has its own risks. For example, it may burn your hair, or even burn your hands or even your forehead. Fortunately, aluminum foil is a good thermal conductor, and a layer of aluminum foil can help you avoid these damaging results. Therefore, the next time you want to take part in the party, please use a few layers of aluminum foil to curl more safely and quickly.

China aluminum foil prices

What is China aluminum foil prices related to?

1. Aluminum foil specifications
Aluminum foil specifications are a key factor affecting China aluminum foil prices. Different users have different requirements for aluminum foil specifications, and prices are naturally different. Secondly, the alloy or use of aluminum foil, temper will also affect the price of aluminum foil, the specific quotation can consult aluminum foil manufacturers.
2. Market aluminum ingot price
The market aluminum ingot price is a secondary factor influencing China aluminum foil prices. The price quoted by the aluminum foil manufacturer is the processing fee plus the aluminum ingot price. The processing fee is related to the aluminum foil specifications mentioned in the previous article. However, the price of aluminum ingots in the market fluctuates daily, which is an uncertain factor.
3. Sales model
The impact of different sales models on China aluminum foil prices is intuitive. If it is a direct selling aluminum foil manufacturer, the aluminum foil price is low; if it is a distributor, the aluminum foil price is high. So the sales method is also an influencing factor.
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