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How to prevent oxidation of aluminum plates

Addtime: 2018-08-04 17:07:20
The rainy season is the season when the aluminum products such as aluminum plates, aluminum coils and aluminum strips are ingressive corrosion and oxidation. Although there is an classification of alumina sheets in aluminum sheet products, oxidation of alumina sheets and aluminum sheets can be quite different. Mingtai Aluminum tells you the difference between oxidation of alumina and aluminum plates:
The reasons for this:
1: When the aluminum or aluminum coil is packaged, the temperature is too high. Steam is formed in the package, and the aluminum plate and the aluminum coil are damp, resulting in corrosion.
2: The aluminum plate or the aluminum coil is rained, so that the rainwater is poured into the package. Therefore, the aluminum plate and the aluminum coil are corroded.
3: Corrosion may occur in aluminum sheets and aluminum coils in environments with high humidity.
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How to avoid this kind of phenomenon:
After the aluminum plate and the aluminum coil are naturally cooled, they are packaged.
The aluminum plate and the aluminum coil can be cooled by a fan.
When packaging, the aluminum plate and the aluminum coil are first packaged with plastic cloth and then wrapped with cardboard.
During the transportation of the goods, the driver is told to cover the tarpaulin.
In a humid environment, place more desiccant in the package. Place the aluminum plate and aluminum coil in a relatively dry environment.
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