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PP cap aluminum market application prospects

Addtime: 2019-11-26 10:53:28
Introduction to PP cap aluminum
PP cap aluminum is a new type of bottle cap sealing material. It is an important part of packaging and the place where consumers first come into contact with the product. Not only is it beautiful and easy to open, it also has the function of preventing counterfeit and shoddy goods. Therefore, aluminum alloy PP cap aluminum has been widely used in sealed packaging of beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, etc.
Wide application of PP cap aluminum alloy
At present, most of the packaged liquor, wine, medicated liquor and beverages in China are still mainly glass bottles. About 50% of the bottle caps are made of aluminum anti-theft caps. The national defense theft caps will increase at a rate of 10% per year. PP cap aluminum alloy is widely used in various bottle caps such as wine bottles, beverage bottles, medicine bottles, etc. It can meet the high quality requirements of domestic and foreign bottle cap processing enterprises for various varieties.
PP cap aluminum alloy 8011 aluminum alloy, 5182 aluminum alloy
As the main PP cap aluminum, 8011 aluminum alloy has a certain strength in addition to good deep drawing performance. Henan Mingtai can process 8011 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.018-0.5mm and can be customized according to customer needs.
5182 aluminum alloy is an Al-Mg series alloy. Because of its good strength, elongation and deep-drawing properties, this alloy is often used for slabs such as can lids and PP cap aluminum that require high comprehensive performance.
Henan Mingtai PP cap aluminum
PP cap aluminum aluminum foil is one of the advantages of Henan Mingtai Aluminum. The company is equipped with an extra long cleaning line and domestic advanced Kaiping scissors to ensure that the surface of the product is degreased and the ear-making rate is low. The company produces a wide range of PP cap aluminum It is used in the fields of bottle cap packaging such as alcohol, beverages, medical cap materials, cosmetics, etc., and is exported to more than 60 regions including South Korea, North America, Southeast Asia, and the United States.
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