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What is the purpose of aluminum foil splitting?

Addtime: 2018-07-30 16:30:44
Mingtai Aluminum is a famous aluminum foil manufacturer in China, and we provide aluminum foil splitting service according to customer’s requirement.
The aluminum foil splitting (cutting, shearing) means that the double-layered aluminum foil after the double-rolling is divided into two or more rolls of single-layer foil, and the single-rolled aluminum foil is cut into one or more rolls of aluminum foil.
The purpose of aluminum foil cutting
1. The slit aluminum foil is wound onto a die suitable for the user's requirements. The core has a steel pipe core, an aluminum die, and a paper die. The diameter of the die is Φ75 mm, Φ150 mm, and the like.
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2. Cut into the width and length (diameter) required by the user. Dividing the requirements of the width of the rolling mill, in addition to considering the width of the finished product, it should also consider the cutting edge of each side 5-10mm, the middle drawing strip 2-6mm
3. Roll the smooth or dark surface of the aluminum foil on the outer surface according to the user's requirements, and weld the broken head firmly or neatly by ultrasonic or other means, and make obvious marks at the end faces. Generally, aluminum foils having a thickness of 0.04 mm or more are not allowed to have joints.
4. Inspect the quality of the rolling mill incoming materials, such as surface quality, thickness, plate shape, number of pinholes, etc. The defects existing in the rolling mill feed shall be changed or downgraded according to the degree of influence on the product quality.
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