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Aluminum foil and cooking is more convenient

Addtime: 2020-08-28 09:04:26

Aluminum foil and cooking became popular

In its early stages, foil was not always a home kitchen regular. Because at that time, tin foil was popular. As tin foil transferred a less-than-appealing metallic taste to food when used as a wrap. In 1910, tin was replaced with taste-hazard-free aluminum, and the food packaging scene began to eat it up — the connection between aluminum foil and cooking quietly emerged.

The convenience of aluminum foil and cooking

When you use aluminum foil to cook, assemble and seal the package, just stick it in the oven or on the campfire. During the heating process, move the aluminum foil packaging box once or twice to ensure that all the ingredients in the aluminum foil box are cooked evenly.
The convenience of aluminum foil and cooking is mainly to save your time. When you are busy at night, or just want to have a quick dinner without doing hours of preparation and washing dishes, aluminum foil and cooking can help you realize this idea. Secondly, aluminum foil and cooking make cleaning up very fast, without having to clean up a lot of utensils as usual. Aluminum foil is an environmentally friendly material and can be recycled.

Types of aluminum foil and cooking

Aluminum foil and cooking generally use aluminum foil food containers, or household aluminum foil. Aluminum foil food containers are divided into ordinary food containers (3004 alloy, o temper; 3003/8011 alloy, h22/h24 temper) and wrinkle-free food containers (8006 alloy, o/h24 temper). Household aluminum foil is generally 1235, 3003, 8011 alloy, o temper.

aluminum foil and cooking

Advantages of aluminum foil and cooking

1. Food grade, capable of direct contact with food;
2. High temperature resistance, no harmful substances will appear when heated, and high safety;
3. It can be heated directly and conducts heat quickly;
4. Good sealing effect, not easy to leak;
5. Keep heat preservation and fragrance, extend the shelf life of food;
6. Environmental protection materials, recyclable.

Is aluminum foil and cooking safe?

Lining sheet pans, packets for the grill, and storage in the fridge are just a few of the uses that aluminum foil can have in your kitchen. But can cooking with foil can have dangerous consequences?
Thankfully, aluminum foil and cooking are safe. The fact is that aluminum is all around us (even in the water supply), and regular exposure does not seem to cause problems. The human body has a variety of mechanisms that can help the body to remove excess of this metal.
Studies that do exist reveal that wrapping cold or cooled foods in foil for storage did not lead to leeching of any aluminum. But please be careful not to add acid such as lemon to the food.

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