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Aluminum foil packaging-aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Addtime: 2020-04-20 17:04:40

The three major application areas of aluminum foil packaging are food, medicine and industry. Medicines are closely related to human health, and the choice of medicine packaging materials is very important. Aluminum foil is a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and its various parameters make it just meet the requirements of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging. At the same time, we need to understand the aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging in detail in order to use it with peace of mind.

Types of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

The main uses of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging are pouch packaging of powder granules and liquids, and blister packaging of pharmaceutical capsules and tablets (ie PTP aluminum foil). In addition to better protecting the quality and performance of medicines, PTP packaging also has the advantages of fast packaging production speed, low cost, light weight, less storage space, and convenient transportation and use. In recent years, the pharmaceutical aluminum foil market has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical market has developed rapidly, but mainly because of the increasing proportion of PTP aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging.

Alloys for aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Because of its direct contact with edible drugs, the state has strict requirements on the appearance and performance of aluminum foil for drug packaging. It is generally 8011/8021/8079 alloy. 8011 aluminum foil is generally 8011-H18 / O temper, commonly used thickness 0.016 / 0.018 / 0.02 / 0.021 / 0.025 / 0.03 / 0.04mm; 8021 aluminum foil is generally 8021-O temper, commonly used thickness is 0.04 / 0.05 / 0.06 / 0.065mm.

aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Precautions for buying aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

High-quality medicinal aluminum foil sets higher requirements on the quality index of aluminum foil such as plate surface, plate shape, thickness, etc., and these are precisely the quality problems that often occur in the production process.

1. Board surface. There should be no wrinkles, black oil spots, black silk, glitter, color difference, black stripes, severe scratches, severe roller marks, etc. on the surface.

2. Plate shape. The control of the shape of the aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is an important indicator to measure the aluminum processing technology, the main reference for testing the equipment capabilities of enterprises, and the key factor to ensure the performance of the product. The standard is that there is no obvious visible wave, and the convexity is 0-0.03mm

3. Thickness is one of its important quality indicators. The greater the thickness deviation, the greater the influence on the quality, uniformity and grammage of the adhesive layer and protective layer of the pharmaceutical aluminum foil. Therefore, it should be strictly controlled in the production process of foil rolling.

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