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Development of aluminum foil packaging

Addtime: 2019-12-09 10:23:07

Market status of aluminum foil packaging

With the rapid development of the global packaging industry, the packaging industry has become an important pillar industry in developed countries. In the United States, the packaging industry has become the third largest industry. In Europe, the packaging industry has become the seventh largest industry.

The development of the global packaging industry has driven aluminum foil consumption, and aluminum foil packaging has become a larger application consumer market for aluminum foil. According to the statistics of the European Aluminum Foil Industry Association, more than 70% of aluminum foil in Europe are used in various packaging products. In the United States, this ratio is as high as 75%. In Japan, aluminum foil for packaging accounts for 70% of consumption, of which only food grade aluminum foil accounts for Remove 30% of aluminum foil consumption.

Development of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil was used as an expensive material only for packaging. In 1911, the Swiss confectionery company began to package chocolate with aluminum foil, that is, chocolate aluminum foil, and gradually became popular instead of tin foil.

Based on the success of aluminum smelting in 1913, the United States also began to produce aluminum foil, which was mainly used for packaging of goods, life-saving supplies and chewing gum. In 1921, the United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil panels, which can also become aluminum composite panels, mainly used as decorative panels and packaging folding cartons.

1938 lidding aluminum foil came out. During World War II, aluminum foil developed rapidly as a military packaging material.

aluminum foil packing

In 1948, food was packaged in molded aluminum foil containers. In the 1950s, aluminum paper and aluminum-plastic composite materials began to develop. By the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging had entered a period of rapid popularity.

In the 21st century, the trend of market competition and product homogeneity has stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. The size of the global packaging market in 2002 has exceeded $ 500 billion. The development of aluminum foil packaging is basically synchronized with the development of the entire industry. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil packaging is developing faster.

Reasons for the rapid development of aluminum foil packaging

1. Domestic aluminum-plastic composite and aluminum-paper composite technologies continue to mature, reducing production costs, and promoting the popularization and application of aluminum-based composite materials in aluminum foil manufacturers.

2. The gap between the development of China's soft pack market and developed countries is obvious. The proportion of flexible packaging for daily consumer goods and food is small. Developed countries have accounted for more than 65%, and some have exceeded 70%. China has approximately 15%. The annual proportion has increased rapidly.

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