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Tips for buy aluminium foil

Addtime: 2020-11-27 10:04:51

About the shape of the packaging

The packaging of large aluminum foil manufacturers generally adopts professional design, indicating the length or weight, and the packaging is more elegant and generous. Aluminum foil roll packaging is more reasonable and orderly. Small sales companies do not have these elements. The second one is about endoplasm. If you receive the sample aluminum foil from the supplier, you should pay attention to the following check points: Color and gloss, whether it is damaged, the inner core, and whether the quantity is sufficient.

Buy aluminium foil about color and luster

The surface of the high-quality aluminum foil is as smooth as a mirror, and the back is shiny, but the silver is clear. The surface of inferior aluminum foil is relatively dull.

Buy aluminium foil check for damage

Open the sealing ring and pull out more than 30 cm to check for oxidation. After oxidation, the deteriorated aluminum foil becomes white and green aluminum oxide. If you just check the surface on the first lap, you can't distinguish whether it is good or bad.

buy aluminium foil

Buy aluminium foil check the inner core

From the perspective of saving paper and transportation costs, formally produce products designed by manufacturers. The inner core diameter of the paper tube is between 3.5-4.5 cm, and the wall thickness is between 1-4 mm. The inferior product is the thick and large inner core paper tube, the purpose is to replace the weight of the aluminum foil with the weight of the paper tube.

Buy aluminium foil after checking the quantity

See if the quantity is sufficient. It can be distinguished from the aluminum foil packaging whether it is sufficient. If it is visually uncertain, it can be judged by removing the gross weight of the paper tube.

Where can i buy buy aluminium foil?

Although aluminum foil is cheaper than other similar materials, it is our task to save costs for aluminum foil buyers. To achieve this goal, mingtai provides the best quality and service at a low price. If you want to buy aluminum foil, please feel free to contact ludi@mingtai-al.com.

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