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It is important to choose safe and hygienic foil packaging

Addtime: 2020-04-07 16:09:16

The close relationship between food packaging and food has long been recognized. Whether it is a shopping mall, a supermarket or every family, you can see beautifully designed, practical and convenient foil packaging everywhere. Food packaging not only protects food from contamination or damage by external factors, but also facilitates the storage, transportation and sale of food. In most cases, the beautiful appearance unique to foil packaging is also to attract the attention of consumers and arouse consumers' desire to buy.

Food packaging is usually foil packaging

As we mentioned above, food packaging is closely related to food, so the choice of food packaging materials must be cautious, safety and hygiene are only necessary conditions. The various advantages of aluminum foil are sufficient to prove that it is a suitable raw material for foil packaging. It can also be called food packaging aluminum foil.

1. For example, aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, and can directly contact with food. It will not make the food smell bad and will not harm people's health;

2. Aluminum foil is an opaque material that can protect foods that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, such as chocolate, cream, etc .;

3. Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so products of normal shape or other shapes can be packed with aluminum foil;

4. No matter the high temperature or low temperature, the aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of grease penetration.

foil packaging

Foil packaging aluminum foil 8011 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil is one of the foil packaging aluminum foil. Aluminum foil products are usually 1 series and 8 series alloys. The 8011 aluminum alloy is added with Al-Fe-Si elements. The alloy performance of more than 1% of the total alloy elements has correspondingly higher advantages. 8011 is commonly used to make aluminum foil, its performance is better than pure aluminum foil (1 series aluminum foil), and it is widely used in aluminum foil. In addition to being used as foil packaging, it can also be used for heat sealing aluminum foil, medicine packaging aluminum foil, milk cap aluminum foil, etc.

How to store foil packaging materials?

In order to ensure the quality of the foil packaging materials, it is necessary to pay more attention when storing.

1. The storage environment of foil packaging should be dry, bright, well-ventilated and non-corrosive.

2. Avoid leaking and snowy places.

3. The packaging should be sealed, and a suitable amount of desiccant should be placed in each roll.

4. It is better not to put it together with any chemicals or wet materials, as this will easily cause corrosion.

5. It is better not to open the packaging immediately when the foil packaging is transported from the low temperature area to the place with high temperature and high humidity.

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