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Mingtai reminds you to pay attention to the storage of kitchen foil

Addtime: 2020-04-11 15:57:16

As the name suggests, kitchen foil is the aluminum foil used in the kitchen. It can be used in steaming and deep-frying, grilling and steaming. When you visit the supermarket, you can see this product with a little attention. The kitchen foil is a thin and soft aluminum foil similar to plastic wrap.

Types of kitchen foil

The raw materials used in kitchen foil are generally 8011-O aluminum foil or 3003-O aluminum foil, food packaging bags, egg tarts, barbecue, food containers will use kitchen foil. It is widely used in cooking, freezing, fresh-keeping, baking and other industries. Kitchen foil also has the characteristics of high resource recovery and reuse rate, that is, it protects the environment and reduces waste of resources, and has good social benefits.

Precautions for using kitchen foil

Now more and more people like to DIY food at home, but there are still some issues to pay attention to when using ovens and other home appliances for cooking. Here are some suggestions.

1. Kitchen foil is a kind of food grade aluminum foil. It will not release things that endanger people's health at high temperatures like other materials, so you can use it with confidence.

2. Because aluminum foil can withstand high and low temperatures, it can be directly placed in the oven and microwave oven for heating. But pay attention to the food wrapped in aluminum foil should be placed in the middle of the oven, it is best not to put too close.

3. When using microwave ovens and ovens, do not directly adjust to the highest gear. Start with the low gear first and wait for the temperature to rise gradually before adjusting to the highest gear.

kitchen foil

How to store kitchen foil?

Kitchen foil is a common material in life, and it is widely used. It is impossible for us to run out of the purchased kitchen foil at once, and the rest needs to be stored. Aluminum foil is easy to oxidize, so it is necessary to create good storage conditions for it.

1. Must keep dry, ventilated, bright and non-corrosive environmental conditions, so as to maintain the performance and quality of kitchen foil.

2. For the kitchen foil storage space, regular cleaning is also required. Do not allow excess dust and debris to adhere to the kitchen foil surface for a long time.

3. Do not put it together with any chemicals or wet materials, as this may easily cause corrosion.

4. The packaging of kitchen foil should be sealed. If possible, an appropriate amount of desiccant should be placed in each roll.

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