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Is oven aluminum foil safe?

Addtime: 2020-04-24 10:53:20

What is oven aluminum foil?

As the name suggests, oven aluminum foil is the aluminum foil that can be used in the oven. It's a kind of kitchen foil. We all know that the oven is generally filled with edible things. So there is the first requirement for oven aluminum foil, food-grade aluminum foil. Because it is necessary to ensure the safety of the food and the materials that wrap the food, and then to ensure that human health will not be threatened after eating food.

Second, the temperature inside the oven is very high, so the aluminum foil of the oven needs to be resistant to high temperatures and will not melt due to the increase in temperature. Third, some foods that need to be baked for a long time, such as meat and potatoes, need to be wrapped in oven aluminum foil and placed in the oven to prevent burnt. Fourth, prevent greasy and help cleaning. After use, just remove the aluminum foil to make cleaning easier. Fifth, wrap the ingredients in aluminum foil for grilling, such as butter crab, grilled clams, etc., which can lock the fresh and sweet flavor of the ingredients!

oven aluminum foil

Oven aluminum foil and tin foil in the oven

Both oven aluminum foil and tin foil in oven can be used to wrap food for barbecue. But they are different because aluminum foil and tin foil are two different materials themselves. There are also some precautions when using. If you just use them to wrap the ingredients and grill them in the oven, it will not cause any harm to your body. However, if seasoning sauce or lemon is added to the ingredients, the acidic substances will precipitate the tin in the tin foil in the oven and be mixed into the food to be absorbed by the body, which will cause tin poisoning.

For the aluminum foil used for foil packaging, the toxic elements in the aluminum foil shall meet the following regulations: lead: no more than 0.01%, cadmium: no more than 0.01%, arsenic: no more than 0.01% Therefore, the best choice for barbecue is oven aluminum foil, and its lead content should comply with national standards.

Oven aluminum foil aluminum foil for baking

We try not to go out during the epidemic. We spend most of our time at home, and we will feel bored after a long time. Why not make some desserts in the oven at home! Most of the existing materials used for baking have a single structure, which cannot be matched with the shape and structure of the baked food and cannot form the desired food shape. And the texture is thin, the strength is low, and it is easily deformed during use, which affects the aesthetics of the food. Aluminum foil for baking solves this problem.

Aluminum foil for baking can be used for cakes, egg tarts and other desserts. Aluminum foil for baking has the characteristics of light material, high barrier property, shading, UV resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, long shelf life, safety and hygiene, etc. It has better functions of keeping fresh and keeping water from losing. At the same time, its high recycling rate has a very positive significance for saving resources and reducing environmental pollution

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