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Addtime: 2019-08-28 11:09:06
The alloy grades used in the pharmaceutical foil are generally 8011, 8021, 1235, generally O state, which is soft, only 8011 part is the state of H18, the pharmaceutical foil is only tens of microns thick, and the finished product is generally more than 300mm. The inner diameter of the core is 76 mm, the maximum outer diameter can reach 500 mm, and the thickness tolerance is not more than 5%. The result is A grade by brushing water test.
The pharmaceutical foil is mainly used for: packaging medicines to protect medicines and improve the stability and reliability of medicines.
Appearance quality of the foil: The aluminum foil has a neat cross section, no clips, cracks, loose rolls, towers, and bars.
Flue foil surface quality:
1. The surface of the pharmaceutical foil is clean, without oil traces, wrinkles, scratches, creases, rubber stamps, twill, corrosion scars, etc.
2. The surface of the pharmaceutical foil is flat.
3. There are no oil spots, blistering and tearing on the surface of the foil.
4. There are no sand marks, black lines, light and dark lines and bright spots on the surface of the pharmaceutical foil.
pharmaceutical foil packaging:
Wooden box packaging
2. Wooden box hanging packaging
3. Ordinary Lite

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