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Mingtai 8011 pp cap aluminum foil

Addtime: 2020-01-17 14:08:50
Market exploration of Mingtai 8011 pp cap aluminumn foil
Henan Mingtai Aluminum, as a listed company in the private aluminum processing industry, has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many domestic companies producing pp caps. With the previous emphasis of Mingtai Aluminum on pp cap aluminumn foil and equipment investment, it is not difficult to see , Mingtai Aluminum will play an active leading role in the market of aluminum bottle caps in the future.
Application of Mingtai Aluminum 8011 pp cap aluminumn foil
PP cap aluminumn foil is a commonly used aluminum alloy product for lifestyle beverage products. Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil is one of the more attractive products in the market for pp cap aluminumn foil. Mingtai's 8011 aluminum foil is mainly used in some liquors, fruit juices, oral liquids, tea caps, milk powder caps and other products. Because aluminum is non-polluting and recyclable, 8011 pp cap aluminumn foil is widely used in life.
Analysis of Mingtai 8011 aluminum production process and process
8011 pp cap aluminumn foil is divided into casting and hot rolling, according to the status, to meet the needs of different industries.
PP cap aluminum foil 8011-H18 aluminum foil
8011-H18 aluminum foil is mainly applied to stamping shallow covers, which can be cast and rolled. The process: cold rolling-foil rolling-stretch bending straightening-slitting-packaging and other processes do not require annealing treatment, so in the production process, the time period is relatively short, of course, the price is also cheaper.
PP cap aluminum foil 8011-H16 aluminum foil
8011-H16 aluminum foil is an important member of hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft cover material. Its process is completed through cold rolling-foil annealing thickness-annealing-foil rolled products-stretch bending correction-slitting and other processes. After the finished coils are produced, they must be cut through a flat-bed machine, painted, and dried. , Multiple stamping, anti-counterfeiting identification and other processes, and finally produced qualified pp cap aluminumn foil. 8011-H16 medical pp cap aluminumn foil and wine bottle pp cap aluminumn foil are still slightly different in the production process, because wine bottle cap stretching requirements are higher than pharmaceutical bottle caps, which are different in terms of annealing.
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