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Parameters for aluminum foil rolls

Value(0.01 0.012mm, gauge 40-50)

Heavy Duty(0.018 - 0.02mm, gauge 70-81)

Standard (0.013 - 0.016mm, gauge 55-65)

Extra Heavy Duty (0.021- 0.03mm, gauge 85-120)

aluminum foil rolls

Role of aluminum foil rolls in different applications

Lining Baking Pans

For easy clean-up.

Freezing Meats

Prevents frost and freezer,burn better than freezer bags.

Lining Charcoal Grill

Keeps grill clean.Line grill; puncture vent openings.

Catching Oven Spills

Small sheet of foil on rack below baking pan catches spills.

Lining Cookie Sheets

Keeps cookie sheet clean between batches.

Roasting Turkey

For juicy, tender turkey without splatters.

Retail aluminum foil rolls's specification

Width:250-609mm (10in-24in)

Thickness:10-25 micron

Length:5-100m( 0-300f)

Packing: Each roll is packed with an individual color box or pp bag with/without blade in it.Color box is as per your design or ALUM's brand.

Technical Data of Magnetic Separator

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