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About this item-aluminum foil pans

These aluminum foil pans in different sizes provide a convenient way to cook and serve all your favorite recipes: from brownies to casseroles, and pasta bakes to lemon bars. These aluminum baking pans offer dependable strength and durability, so you can cook for and travel to picnics, holiday parties, barbecues or other events with confidence. Plus, these disposable pans are easy to clean so you can spend less Time on pans and more time with your friends and family. All pans come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

aluminum foil pans

Advantages of full size deep steam table pans

DURABLE ALUMINUM PANS Full Size Deep steam table pans are strong and sturdy, making them fit for all types of food. You can rest assured that your legendary lasagna or treasured dessert will arrive to its destination safely

VERSATILE USE ALUMINUM PANS These foil pans are versatile. Use them for baking, roasting, transporting, serving, storing, and reheating large quantities of food

FULL SIZE DEEP STEAM TABLE PANS Order these aluminum tin pans for baking, roasting, and reheating

NO CLEAN UP NECESSARY Table pans are disposable, which means minimal clean up for you! Simply toss the tins after use

RECYCLABLE ALUMINUM Disposable aluminum baking pans are made from aluminum, making them great for regular use and for the environment.

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