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  • 03Others:Customized on demand

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PRODUCT FEATURES: Foil container with lids

Dimensions: Customized on demand

Foil Laminated Lids Lids

Oblong Take-Out Pans

OU Kosher Certified, Made in Henan Aluminum Corporation, CHINA

WARNING: Do not use in microwave.

Disposable foil container with Lids

Disposable Foil Container with Lids can for a big number of meals during parties, events, celebrations, birthdays, wedding receptions, gatherings, reunions. Keep food warm a little longer and avoid spills on the way with spans, deep design, and included lids . These classic takeout food containers are your go-to choice for soups, stews, fried foods, salads, cookies, and more. Best use for baking, cooking, roasting, grilling, frying, roasting, etc., made durable to withstand extremes heat.

foil container with Lids

Foil Container with Lids opposed to conventional cardboard and plastic lunch boxes

Our aluminum container with lids effectively replaces heavy dishes, serving trays, cling film, plastic jars, and plastic bags. Cleanup is a breeze too: gather any leftovers, and then chuck the pans into recycling. This Disposable doesn't mean wasteful. Instead are recyclable.

Aluminum foil containers, as opposed to conventional cardboard and plastic lunch boxes, can not only protect food but also withstand elevated temperatures and come into close contact with flames. As a result, it's a decent choice for preparing meals.

Features of foil container with Lids

Food Container

Serving Trays

Storage Container

Aluminum Oblong Foil containers with Lids


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