8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister packaging

8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister packaging

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Material Application: pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister packaging

Product: 8021 aluminum foil

Project Details:

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging of pharmaceuticals is a common form of solid pharmaceutical packaging, also known as blister packaging. This kind of packaging first blister-forms a transparent plastic hard sheet, then fills the solid medicines such as tablets, pills, capsules, etc. in the groove, and then heats and bonds it with the aluminum box sheet coated with adhesive to form an independent package. sealed packaging. Among them, aluminum foil is a kind of packaging material, which can be 8021 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, etc.

8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging has excellent conductivity and light-shielding properties, and has high moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and taste retention properties. It can block any gas, water vapor and light, and can most effectively protect the packaged objects. Pharmaceutical blister packaging made of it has the advantages of good protective performance, small storage space, low cost, light weight and easy portability. It is one of the currently widely used pharmaceutical packaging forms.

8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister packaging

In addition, blister packaging can also be used for sales packaging of food, cosmetics, toys, gifts, tools and mechanical and electrical parts, and is very popular in the market.

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of medicinal aluminum foil, providing high-quality aluminum foil raw materials to many domestic and foreign companies. The 8021 aluminum foil produced by the company is safe and hygienic, has a clean surface, strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance.


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