Aluminum foil material

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Is it safe to use aluminum foil material in the oven?

With the improvement of living standards, the oven has entered the tens of thousands of households, many people like to use aluminum foil material baking in the oven, this practice is safe in the end, aluminum foil in daily life, there are other purposes?

aluminum foil material

The role of aluminum foil material in the oven

1.Anti greasy, help cleaning

After use, as long as the foil paper removed, so that the cleaning work can be more easily completed. Similarly, can also be spread in a cutting board greasy food, so as not to touch panel with oil difficult to clean. Or stir-fry, aluminum foil can be posted in front of the gas furnace of metope, avoid to spray oil difficult to clear.Or before cooking, aluminum foil can be affixed to the front wall of the gas stove, so as not to spray the oil difficult to remove.

2.Package, more flavor ingredients carbon baking

The food package into the aluminum foil barbecue, such as Butter Crab, fried clams, fresh and sweet flavor of the ingredients can be locked!

Aluminum foil material generally smooth surface and fog. Fog surface is easy to absorb heat, so the fog should face to the light and heat, will play an effect. Therefore, the barbecue, aluminum foil bright surface, fog wrapped food facing charcoal, meat cooked easily.

Note: if using aluminum foil wrapped food barbecue, not in the aluminum foil drops of lemon juice and other acidic substances, because the aluminum foil is metal, when the metal and acid mixed together, chemical changes may occur, easy to produce harmful substances.

3.Quick freezing help

From the market to buy meat or seafood can be wrapped in fresh wrap, and then coated with a layer of aluminum foil material into the freezer, so that food can be more quickly frozen, keep food fresh.

The use of aluminum foil material in daily life

1.Blunt scissors at home as long as the folded into two or three thick aluminum foil cut, can easily make the scissors to restore glory. Similarly, you can also use a few folded aluminum foil folded in half, and then cut off with a kitchen knife, as a ready-made sharpening stone!

2.We can use the aluminum foil material into a small group, into the sink drain. aluminum foil material washed by water will collide with drainage holes, produce metal ions, the drainage hole is not easy to adhere to the kitchen greasy, and deodorizing function.

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