1060 aluminum foil specifications and application advantages

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1060 aluminum foil belongs to series 1 pure aluminum foil with an aluminum content higher than 99.6%. It is often used as packaging materials and lithium battery aluminum foil. Mingtai Aluminum 1060 aluminum foil is available in O, H14, H16, and H18 states, with a thickness range of 0.014-0.2mm and a width range of 20-1600mm.

As packaging aluminum foil, it is common in the fields of food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 1060 aluminum foil packaging has the advantages of moisture-proof, oxygen-blocking, light-proofing, strong barrier properties, high mechanical strength, good formability, high heat-sealing strength, and can effectively avoid the impact of gas, light and other media on items. 1060 aluminum foil is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging that requires high barrier properties.

1060 aluminum foil specifications and application advantages

As battery foil, it is usually used as the positive electrode collector of lithium-ion batteries. The surface of the product has uniform color, cleanness, flat shape, and no obvious oil stains; >180Mpa, elongation >1.5%, and wettability >32 dynes, which can effectively improve the adhesion between active materials and current collectors and reduce manufacturing costs. 1060 aluminum foil is very suitable for battery foil.

1060 aluminum foil is one of Mingtai Aluminum's advantageous products. By strictly controlling the structure, performance, plate shape, thickness difference and surface quality of 1060 aluminum foil, we ensure stable product performance and excellent quality. Mingtai Aluminum 1060 aluminum foil is highly recognized in the market and has a good reputation.

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