Saudi Arabia aluminum foil supplier

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Saudi Arabia aluminum foil supplier

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing economies in the Gulf region and it is about to enter the post-oil era. At this stage, the driving force of national economic development will mainly be the aluminum industry, the construction industry and the port industry. Saudi Arabia aluminum foil supplier,With the acceleration of urbanization in China, there will be a marked growth in the durable consumer products industry such as aluminum foil packaging, home appliances and automobiles.


In 2014, Saudi Arabia imported 8,975 tons of aluminum foil. By 2017, the import of aluminum foil soared to 59,513 tons. Among them, the import volume of aluminum foil in 2015 was up to 60,343 tons. Saudi Arabia aluminum foil supplier, However, with macroeconomic and microeconomic factors unchanged, Saudi Arabia's aluminum foil imports are expected to decline to 45,214 tonnes by 2018.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia's GDP reached 644.6 billion U.S. dollars. As oil prices rise, the International Monetary Fund raised its forecast of Saudi Arabia's economic growth. The International Monetary Fund sets Saudi Arabia's GDP growth rate at 1.6%.

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