Food foil,container foil

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Food foil is widely used

Food foil is widely used, the price of food foil is also of great concern to the market. Food foil, also called container foil, lunch box foils. Mainly used in aviation aluminum foil boxes, aluminum foil grill, food preservation foil and disposable aluminum foil boxes. with waterproof, preservation, anti bacteria and the effect of heat conduction. The following research and analysis of the price of food foil.

Food foil

The price of food foil

The price of food foil usually depends on the state, performance and thickness of the alloy. The most commonly used to the state of the alloy is 8011/H22,8011/H24,8011/O and 3003/H24, generally 3 series aluminum foil prices higher than 8 series of aluminum foil.

Food foil price linked to performance, performance is mainly to the requirement of tensile and elongation. High elongation, stamping easy craze, while requiring no pollution, no peculiar smell, to ensure that meet the requirements of food packaging.

Food price associated with thickness of foil, household foil used usually has double zero foil and single zero aluminum foil. The commonly used double zero foil thickness is between 0.03 to 0.2. Different thickness have different price, average thickness of the thinner, the higher the price.

Food container foil is also food foil

Food foil market is widely used, often used in daily life. Aluminum foil container with its beautiful appearance, convenient use, safety and health, no smell, no leakage and recycling and other excellent properties, is an ideal product to replace the plastic box is the common use of fast food. The price has been close to the high-grade plastic lunch box.

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