Aluminum foil large roll

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Aluminum foil large roll can also be used for printing

In addition to the aluminum foil for container can be used to do what? Aluminum foil large roll can also be used for printing. So when the aluminum foil in the printing process, how should the prepress processing? China aluminum foil industry market depth evaluation and investment planning analysis report to tell you.

Aluminum foil large roll printing surface treatment

Foil in air, the surface of a very thin layer of dense oxide layer immediately generated oxide layer, if not dirty, good adhesion to the ink. But in the actual production of aluminum foil by the lubricant and dust environmental contamination, forming a layer of thin film of ink adhesion. Therefore, printed with foil are required to carry out pre wash coating treatment, to eliminate the lubricant dirt, enhance ink and foil surface adhesion.

Aluminum foil large roll

Aluminum foil large roll wash coat treatment

Foil wash coat treatment, also known as the underlying surface treatment is the use of shellac coating or nitrocellulose coating on aluminum foil surface rendering coating. After coating, the substrate is no longer aluminum foil coating material. The coating material has good affinity with the ink, so as to improve the ink adhesion to the foil surface.

Pretreatment of luminum foil large roll

Aluminum foil composite aluminum and paper, when the operation or use of environmental temperature and humidity changes make it too late to achieve internal balance, by the double structure of the inner coating or adhesive connection will produce internal stress. Not only will lead to expansion or contraction, but due to the change of water content, will make the local paper size change, form a curl, fold, wave or even permanent deformation, seriously affecting the printing and processing quality. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal printing of aluminum foil paper, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the printing shop, so that the temperature in the workshop at 25+2 DEG C, the relative humidity is maintained at 50% ~ 60%.

Temperature humidity balance and its important before printing processing, temperature and humidity are not balance will produce electrostatic, paper difficulties. In practical production, aluminum foil packing placed in the workshop must be at least 16 h can open cut white material, 8 and 12 hours after printing. In addition, in addition to the drying paper rack drying, printing quality in the processing period also should reduce the slip deformation.

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