Brief discussion on 8011 aluminum foil paper

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Brief discussion on 8011 aluminum foil paper

With the development of modern economy, people have adapted to the fast pace of life, and barbecue has become a way for many people to get together. Barbecue we use a tin foil, tin foil is also called aluminum foil.

The use of 8011 aluminum foil paper has the following advantages.

8011 aluminum foil paper

8011 aluminum foil paper has the following advantages

1.The characteristics of aluminum foil is smooth, can prevent food stick in baking tray, convenient cleaning baking pan;

2.Roasted with seasoning food, seasoning can prevent falling;

3.Can prevent loss of moisture, keep the food fresh on the palate

4.Can keep the food heated evenly, prevent burning.

Mingtai aluminum 8011 aluminum foil paper

Mingtai aluminum production of 8011 packaging aluminum foil is not only appearance beautiful, high gloss, possesses the advantages of cleaning and hygiene. 8011 aluminum foil can trap bacteria and other microorganisms to grow at the same time, nonpoisonous and harmless, no volatile, under high temperature or low temperature environment, not any deformation. Can also be cut off line sunlight, aluminum foil tension strength, but the tear strength is small. Therefore, often used to barbecue foil paper.

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