Aluminium foil uses

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Aluminium foil uses electronic aluminum foil

Aluminium foil uses for electronic capacitor. With the development of electronic products to light, thin, short and small in the direction of miniaturization of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and the requirement of high performance is becoming more and more urgent need, thus greatly improve the aluminum foil volume capacitor, which is one of the key technologies to achieve miniaturization of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In order to reduce the volume, flat and SMD realization of capacitor, high specific capacitance, high strength in the aspects of the formation of aluminum foil tape processing technology in China in recent years has made a major breakthrough.

The use of high purity and high performance aluminum foil material greatly improved the corrosion performance of the product, and the leakage current of the dielectric oxide film was greatly reduced. With the development of advanced corrosion and forming process, the specific capacity of anode and anode aluminum foil is further increased, and the leakage current of anode foil is further decreased. In the past ten years, low, medium and high pressure formed foil volume were increased by more than 50%, to reduce the volume and reduce the cost to create the conditions, and to improve the strength of aluminum foil for capacitor flat, thin machine to create the conditions.

Aluminium foil uses

Aluminium foil uses aluminium foil packaging

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the higher demand for commodity packaging. Where there are goods, where there is packaging, aluminum  foil packaging industry can be said that the overall structure of the national economy plays an important role in the development of. Packaging machinery is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, toys and other industries. Only from food and other light industrial products, China's total exports accounted for more than 1/3, are required to improve the packaging grade, which has brought many opportunities for the development of packaging machinery. The myriads of changes packaging, corresponding to a variety of packaging machinery, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption patterns from subsistence to enjoy the type of change, so the packaging machinery industry is a sunrise industry.

Aluminium foil uses also include aluminium foil for tapes

In recent years, in order to meet the market demand, people developed a good shielding aluminum foil tape, plastic film and foil plating and other packaging materials, but they are not as good as a comprehensive performance of coating and laminating processing can get up and to improve.

Aluminum foil adhesive tape is a kind of packaging material with many excellent properties, and it is widely used in many fields. We use new packaging materials, ensure the quality of food to maintain absolute safety period in aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil tape packaging materials must meet the oxygen resistance moisture resistance of high temperature sterilization performance, must continue to use new technology new materials and new technologies, products to continuous innovation, ensure food safety, so that consumers feel more assured. Aluminum foil tape: mainly used in wood processing, construction, decoration, automotive, footwear, packaging, textiles, electronics, printing and other fields.

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