Aluminium foil pack

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Aluminium foil pack

Aluminum foil is a kind of material used in the production of food packaging bag, which is widely used in the flexible packaging industry. A brief introduction to aluminum foil pack.

Application of aluminium foil pack

Now the food preservation and the quality and safety requirements are very high milk are packed in aluminum foil, with superior quality of soft aluminum foil composite for milk was able to rise. There are small fish, beef jerky and other foods are used in packaging aluminum foil.

aluminium foil pack

The disadvantages of aluminium foil pack

But there is no perfect thing in the world. Aluminum foil as a packaging material, is not perfect. So, what are the disadvantages of aluminum foil?

1.Light and soft, can not be used for structural packaging, in terms of tensile and shear resistance is limited, must be combined with other materials to ensure that the packaging itself strength and ease of use.

2.Aluminum foil is generally used as a composite material in the packaging. Composite material recovery is difficult. In fact, this is a common disadvantage of all composite materials. Because the composite layer is coated with glue, the single separation operation of the membrane material is very difficult, and the recovery cost is high.

Of course, aluminum foil as a barrier material, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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