Aluminum foil for capacitor

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Aluminum foil for capacitor

Aluminum foil is the key raw material for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and the proportion of the cost of raw materials of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is 30%~70% (with the size of capacitors). The aluminum foil for capacitor is composed of electrode foil and electronic aluminum foil, both of which are different in processing depth. The complete industrial chain of electrode foil is: fine aluminum (high purity aluminum ingot) - electronic aluminum foil (light foil) - electrode foil (corrosion foil, foil) - aluminum electrolytic capacitors - electronic equipment (such as color TV, etc.).

Aluminum foil for capacitor

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor foil

In recent years, aluminum electrolytic capacitor production base to accelerate the transfer to China and aluminum electrolytic capacitor production growth, prompted China's electronic aluminum foil industry and electrode foil industry rapid development.

The development of aluminum foil for capacitor

From a global point of view, although the mainland and Taiwan of China China in capacitor foil production develops very fast, but the capacitor foil production of high technology enterprises in Europe and America still has the advantage, especially high-grade aluminum foil (aluminum foil) and etched foil (aluminum foil etching) on. In order to achieve greater development of the industry, China's aluminum foil capacitor manufacturers need to continue to improve the introduction and development of technology, in order to truly grasp the great opportunities for the world's manufacturing base to china.

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