Aluminum foil for lithium battery

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Aluminum foil for lithium battery

Aluminum foil is widely used in daily life, mainly for flexible packaging, packaging, food packaging, etc. Aluminum foil has long been used in lithium batteries, but its dosage is minimal, compared to the packaging industry is less than 1%. Therefore, before the  aluminum foil for lithium battery is not as the main development direction of aluminum foil industry. Manufacturers are generally not spend energy and financial resources, but by the dealer to buy ordinary soft packaging aluminum foil used for cutting and screening supply battery factory.

Aluminum foil for lithium battery is a independent foil variety

In recent years, the use of lithium batteries has been greatly broadened, and the demand for lithium batteries is rapidly increasing. In recent years, its lithium battery production by leaps and bounds, while upgrading the technical requirements of aluminum foil. This has a certain stimulating effect on the domestic aluminum foil industry. Battery foil is becoming an independent foil variety is recognized.

It is worth noting that the safety requirements of lithium battery as part of the aluminum foil material composition. Now the aluminum foil for lithium battery should meet some requirements.

aluminum foil for lithium battery

Aluminum foil for lithium battery should meet the following requirements

First, the cleanliness of aluminum foil is high: aluminum coil can not be mixed with any debris, dust, especially iron scrap material, the battery charging and discharging process will seriously affect its safety.

Second, aluminum foil plate shape requirements: aluminum foil surface coated cathode material uniformity, life and battery life will be greatly affected. Coating process almost no tension, which are very demanding on the shape of the aluminum foil, usually the shape of the plate should be controlled below 10I;

Third, the mechanical properties of high aluminum foil: in ensuring the purity of aluminum under the same required high tensile and high elongation, as everyone knows, the higher the purity of aluminum, the tensile performance will continue to decline, the elongation rate increased. This undoubtedly brings a difficult topic to the research of aluminum foil;

Fourth, the surface of aluminum foil surface may not have high requirements: the dark side of bright spot, black oil line, pits and various surface defects, the coating of lithium batteries and uniform compaction processes are directly related. Therefore, in the production process of aluminum foil cleaning machine and environmental cleanliness requirements are quite high.

Improve the qualification of aluminum foil for lithium battery

In order to ensure the safety of the product and maintain the development of the lithium battery industry, it is necessary to set the industry standard for lithium battery. Improve the qualification of battery aluminum foil and aluminum foil into the threshold of the industry, to prevent the introduction of low aluminum foil lithium battery industry crisis.

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