The use of aluminum foil

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The use of aluminum foil

The surface of aluminum foil produced by Mingtai aluminum is bright and smooth, which can be used in food packaging, capacitor manufacturing, construction, decoration, printing and other fields. The main products are: Food foil, capacitor foil, decorative foil, pharmaceutical foil and flexible packaging foil. Briefly introduce the use of aluminum foil.

The use of aluminum foil food foil

Mingtai food foil surface oil clean and shiny clean, usually used for food containers such as aluminum foil paper plate, can be placed directly on the fire baking and steaming, the food is heated evenly inside and outside not to burn into carbon, can maintain the original flavor of the food and beautiful luster, suitable for cooking, freezing, package baking, etc.

The use of aluminum foil capacitor foil

Mingtai capacitor foil chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, low impurity content, the characteristics of high hole density, the market occupancy rate is quite high, the quality of the product can and comparable to imported products.

The use of aluminum foil

Decorative foil

Mingtai decorative foil on the basis of quality assurance has a high capacity, high temperature resistance, stable quality products, the most rapid and most effective method of controlling profile, won the best to reduce the effect of wave, produced in conformity with the standards, to meet user requirements of high quality decorative aluminum foil.

Pharmaceutical foil

Mingtai pharmaceutical foil in the international pharmaceutical industry application is very broad. Non-toxic, clean sanitation, with moisture, permeability and heat resistance, light resistance, can be high temperature sterilization, etc.

Packaging foil

Mingtai packaging foil is usually used for packing food, medicine, industrial products, daily necessities, such as product good strength, good airtight performance, moisture, avoid light, to do vacuum packing bag, has a good waterproof, oxygen insulation function.

Mingtai aluminum industry production of aluminum foil products with unique features, and stable quality, play a vital role in many fields.

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