8011 aluminum foil products

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Introduction of 8011 aluminum foil products

8011 aluminum foil products with aluminum ferrosilicon as the main composition of the alloy, the 8011 commonly used to make aluminum foil and thin aluminum coil, because of its good ductility and plasticity is better than pure aluminum foil. In the aspect of aluminum foil and deep stamping products are widely used, aluminum thick plate is not commonly used. 8011 aluminum foil chemical composition for the silicon content of 0.50 ~ 0.90 iron content 0.60 ~ 1 copper content of 0.10 manganese content 0.20; magnesium content of 0.05 chromium 0.05 nickel content of 0 zinc content of 0.10 titanium content 0.08 other content 0.05; other content of total 0.15.

8011 aluminum foil products

The production process of 8011 aluminum foil products

8011 aluminum foil can be divided into hot rolling and casting rolling, the production process is complicated, the production cost is high, the plastic performance is stable, and the surface printing effect is better than other materials. In the performance of the extension of the performance also has the advantage of stronger than other materials, so most of the use of the performance of the high demand for some products. Most of the material is used in the security of anti fake bottle cap material. At present, as long as the domestic stamping depth of 3 cm or more aluminum cap material is basically the use of aluminum alloy of 8011, or even the maximum depth of punch can reach more than 8 cm. Casting rolling production process is simple, high rate of finished products, so most of the use of low demand, shallow stamping some products. For example, medicine bottle cap, can cover, plate and other products.

8011 bottle cap material produced by Henan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

The 8011 bottle cap material produced by Henan Aluminum Co., Ltd. has good deep drawing performance and low ear rate.Mingtai aluminum bottle cap material with high quality quality, each big enterprise in the market has been well received, established good cooperation relation.

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