Aluminum bottle cap material

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Aluminum bottle cap material

Aluminum material is widely used in product packaging. Because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, in the surface of the aluminum to form a layer of dense oxide film, good protection of the original physical properties of the product, good sealing, to ensure that the product does not contact with the outside world. A brief introduction to several common in our daily life of the aluminum bottle cap material.

Aluminum bottle cap material

Diversified Aluminum bottle cap material

For example: medicinal aluminum bottle cap with 8011 aluminum foil, mainly used in the infusion bottle closed port, the thickness of the range of 0.018-0.04mm, with good sealing. 5052 aluminum alloy bottle cap material, mainly used in the top of the bottle, the 5 series of magnesium alloy added, its hardness is relatively better than other alloys. The utility model can be used to solve the deformation of the pop top cans in the process of transportation, and the appearance is beautiful. In addition to the 3 series of 3105 aluminum is mainly used in the cosmetics bottle, with producers in the appearance of a big effort, make different shapes, painted bright colors, crafted in high-end cosmetics is also a good choice.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum aluminum bottle cap material

Department of henan mingtai aluminum production 1/3/5/8 aluminum bottle cap material for each big enterprise in the market has been high praise, is mingtai aluminum with caps with high quality quality of aluminum, and a number of well-known domestic aluminum bottle cap production base has established good relations of cooperation.

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