High quality aluminum foil

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High quality aluminum foil

The composite packaging material is made up of two or more than two kinds of thin films or other materials by using the characteristics of the single film. The composite processing of composite materials, the most prominent feature is that it can be designed, composite not only retains the advantages of raw materials, overcomes the shortcomings of the single material, but also through the design of the performance of each component materials complement each other and association, to gain the original composition of material has new advantages the performance, has become a new ideal packaging material to meet various packaging requirements.

Composite packaging materials commonly used in the substrate paper: paper characteristics are non-toxic, flammable, rigid, transparent, easy to print, easy to glue, the disadvantage is moisture-proof, wet performance, mechanical strength is not high, large permeability.

High quality aluminum foil

Advantages of high quality aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a kind of metal sheet, which has two kinds of hard and soft.

High quality aluminum foil air tightness, barrier performance is good, with high and low temperature, can block ultraviolet radiation characteristics. The main function of aluminum foil in packaging is light, gas and moisture resistance. Aluminum foil reflective rate of up to 5-36%, heat transfer fast, easy to heat, easy to cool.

High quality aluminum foil used for composite substrate

Composite substrate can be a single foil, can also make use of vacuum coating technology in laminating, the aluminum metal material is heated to the melting point, the metal gasification metal film is formed on the surface of the films, thus forming a plastic composite. The utility model relates to a composite packaging material made of aluminum foil and other materials.

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