Lithium battery with aluminum foil

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Lithium battery with aluminum foil

From the structure of the lithium battery, the lithium battery has a great relationship with the aluminum processing. There are four key materials for lithium batteries, lithium battery with aluminum foil, copper foil, there is a separator in the middle, and the rest is electrolyte. Lithium batteries in recent years, the development of slow, the main reason for the safety and technology is still improving, while the price is more expensive.

Lithium battery with aluminum foil

Lithium battery with 1070 aluminum foil

Small products can beat the big market, and now lithium battery with aluminum foil has gradually become a one hundred billion market, and the future trend will be bigger and bigger.

Lithium battery all related to aluminum, foil the first is the battery, at present, the batteries is Mingtai aluminum foil, 1070, the main foreign customers purchase quantity is big, because of its high purity, processing is difficult, the general processing enterprises don't have the ability to processing and therefore be classified as high-end products.Customer purchasing common and 8011 and 1235, as aluminum lithium battery cathode material with more customers.

Aluminum foil for battery shell

At present, the company also provides customers with aluminum foil for battery shell, including new energy vehicle power batteries.

In addition to hard packaging battery, there is a soft packaging products. The main material is aluminum foil bag, its alloy is 8079, 8021.

Mingtai aluminum aluminum foil rolling process

Mingtai aluminum as a leading brand of aluminum foil and aluminum foil rolling process, the aluminum industry can develop continuously in the fierce competition. Rely on is to continuously improve the preparation, technical level, relying on more than twenty years of accumulated craftsmen technology, and constantly improve the process management, with high quality products to win customer trust.

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