The advantages of aluminum foil containers

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Non-toxic raw materials, quality and safety

Aluminum foil is made of the original aluminum alloy after rolling through a number of procedures, and no heavy metals and other harmful substances. In the production process of aluminum foil, high temperature annealing disinfection process, therefore, aluminum foil can be very safe to contact with food, will not contain or help bacteria growth. In most cases, aluminum foil does not react with food.

The advantages of aluminum foil containers

Convenient heating, heating does not produce harmful substances

Aluminum foil has high conductivity, which can minimize the time and energy related to food processing, cold storage and two heating. Aluminum foil has a very good thermal stability, in the process of processing and packaging, aluminum foil can withstand the temperature changes, in the -20 - 250 degrees Celsius at high and low temperature, the molecular structure is stable and does not change. The use of the temperature can be quickly frozen to extreme baking and roasting, during which the aluminum foil is not deformed, not broken, not melting or burning, will not produce harmful substances. With high temperature aluminum foil separated fire and smoke, can prevent food from burning caused by carcinogens. Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers are suitable for high temperature sterilization and heat treatment. In contrast, plastic lunch boxes and containers are significantly lower than the high-temperature characteristics of aluminum foil products, they are exposed to high temperature food, water or heat at high temperature will release harmful substances, affecting human health.

Easy to form, easy to seal and cover, to ensure food hygiene

Aluminum foil forming good, in the stamping process, even in the crease and curling parts, will not produce cracks and fracture. The aluminum foil with different shapes, thickness, alloy and heat treatment state can be selected according to the requirements, so as to accurately reflect the use of the product. Aluminum foil container and container can use the same material is aluminum foil lid, the lid can also use paper or other material, it is easy to change and use the characteristic of wrinkle to achieve a good sealing, insulation and preservation ability, can be avoided in the process of food and spilling or subject to pollution, reduce food waste. For large dining room and central kitchen distribution, you can use aluminum foil lunch box manufacturers to develop automatic capping equipment to improve the efficiency of distribution, the effect is significantly better than other materials.

Strong barrier, can protect the original taste of food after sealing, and extend the shelf life of food

Although aluminum foil is very thin, but the barrier is strong, can completely block the light, gas and other substances, improve the freshness and protection of water, and to prevent leakage or mixed taste, can effectively maintain the flavor and characteristics of products. The use of aluminum foil container and packaging of food and prepackaged food, can be cold chain distribution, easy production and sales, but also facilitate the catering enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets and home storage, avoid product deterioration, extend shelf life and reduce food waste. It also saves a lot of energy and energy related to the production process.

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