1060 aluminum foil for air conditioner

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Aluminum foil for air conditioner

The air conditioner foil is a special material used for manufacturing the fin of the heat exchanger of the air conditioner. In order to improve the surface properties of the surface, the coating is coated with a corrosion resistant inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating. Hydrophilic foil accounted for 50% of the total amount of air conditioning foil, its use will be further improved. In addition, there is a hydrophobic foil, so that the surface of the fin has a hydrophobic function to expand overseas to prevent condensation of water adhesion. Because of the technology of water repellent foil to improve the surface defrosting, 1060 aluminum foil should be further studied. Air conditioning foil thickness of 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm.

Aluminum foil for air conditioner

Aluminum foil for air conditioner performance

With the development of technology, air conditioning foil has a further thinning trend. Japan's leading product thickness of 0.09mm. Feedback in thin state, aluminum foil to have excellent formability, microstructure and mechanical properties of metallurgical defects must be uniform; less small anisotropy, high strength and good ductility of bigger and stronger, the growth rate slowed down, uniform thickness, good flatness. Air conditioning foil specifications and alloy is relatively simple, suitable for mass production, but its market is strong seasonal, for the professional manufacturers of air conditioning foil. It is difficult to solve the problem of peak season in short supply and demand almost no contradiction.

Mingtai aluminum foil products

Due to strong market demand in recent years, Chinese air foil production capacity and technology level unceasing enhancement, has formed a large and small, high and low production of air foil enterprise group, some large enterprises such as Mingtai aluminum, aluminum foil products quality has reached the international advanced level. Due to the effective release of excess production capacity in China, the market competition is fierce. Now the use of aluminum foil demand is very large, a lot of enterprises provide various kinds of aluminum foil.

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