Aluminum foil and tin foil

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Aluminum foil and tin foil are not same

Aluminum foil paper, refers to the use of aluminum or aluminum alloy by the pressure equipment processed material of aluminum foil, the general thickness under 0.025 mm. In some area, however, some people call this tin foil, and will call the aluminum foil thickness below 0.2 mm. Light metal aluminum foil for silvery white, malleable, in the wet air oxidation film can form a layer of anti-corrosion. Aluminum foil and tin foil are not same.

Tin foil

Tin foil, it is to use metal tin by delay and added to the pressure equipment. Tin foil has excellent ductility and malleability, so processed into thickness below 0.025 mm tin foil quite easy, even manual processing. Tin foil good corrosion resistance, low melting point, appearance is silvery white microstrip blue metal, chemical performance is stable.

Aluminum foil and tin foil

Aluminum foil and tin foil are both can used as packaging material

From the development point of view, tin is the ancient processing materials. The first is the tin bowl, tin and other food utensils as wine. Aluminum processing is relatively late, China's first aluminum foil factory was established in 1992 by Switzerland, Canada, UK several Aluminum Inc Shanghai China aluminum steel plant, generally used in cigarette foil and candy wrappers foil etc.. In aluminum foil, aluminum foil or tin foil is the main material packages of food, but because of the low melting point of tin foil, which limits its application in food packaging. Therefore, to replace the high melting point of aluminum foil packaging, especially in baking barbecue, etc., must use the aluminum foil for packaging, which can keep clean and sanitary, and non-toxic sealing.

Some people called aluminum foil tin foil

So called aluminum foil tin foil is a kind of traditional way, actually materials have alternative to aluminum foil, but now many people still exist traditional tin foil name, so now the online search tin foil, or there will be a lot of related result of aluminum foil.

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