Aluminum foil for transformer

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About transformer

Transformer is the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage of the device, the main component is the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer), etc.. According to use can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, power frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mine, variable audio transformers, intermediate frequency transformers, high frequency transformer, transformer, instrument transformer, the impact of electronic transformer, reactor, transformer etc.).

Aluminum foil for transformer

Aluminum foil for transformer

The aluminum foil for transformer is the most important material to produce transformer winding, which directly affects the quality of transformer. Transformer aluminum foil, strip generally choose 1060 aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum alloy, in the family of aluminum plate belongs to the conventional series. 1 series and 3 series aluminum belongs to ordinary aluminum, used for transformer foil thickness is generally between 0.02-0.055mm. Because the production process is relatively simple, relatively mature technology, compared to the 5 and 6 series of products have the price advantage, but usually the 5 and 6 series products are high-end products, the production process is more complex, the better quality of the products have a good point, the elongation and tensile strength, can fully meet the requirement of routine the processing requirements (stamping, molding of high tension).

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