Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil packaging

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Aluminum foil is a material made of metal aluminum directly pressed into thin sheets. It has a soft texture and good ductility. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cable foil, air conditioning foil, battery foil, building insulation layer, etc. Especially in the packaging industry, the application is very common.

Aluminum foil for packaging is made from electrolytic aluminum with a purity of 99.0%-99.7%, which is produced through multiple rolling processes. Commonly used alloy 1060 aluminum foil, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021 aluminum foil, etc. This kind of packaging is not only moisture-proof, air-tight and light-shielding, but also has the advantages of fragrance retention, non-toxic and odorless. Such advantages are unmatched by any other existing packaging materials. Below, we introduce in detail the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil packaging.

Advantages of aluminum foil packaging

1. Light weight, good extensibility and thin thickness;

2. Good light-shielding property, with reflectivity up to 95%;

3. It has strong barrier properties and can effectively protect food and avoid bacterial contamination;

4. Moisture-proof, air-tight, and fragrance-preserving, it can prevent moisture absorption, oxidation, volatilization and deterioration of the packaging contents, and it has moisture-blocking and oxygen-blocking properties.

5. It has shiny metallic luster and is highly decorative;

6. Aluminum foil is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless;

7. Aluminum foil is easy to process and can be compounded with various plastic films and papers.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil packaging

Disadvantages of aluminum foil packaging

1. Aluminum foil has low strength and is easily torn. It cannot be used alone to package products.

2. It is easy to break when folded, causing holes, and is not resistant to acid and alkali.

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