1235 aluminum foil has a wide range of uses

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1235 aluminum foil is a commonly used aluminum foil, belonging to the pure aluminum series, with an aluminum content of not less than 99.35%. It is mostly used in O and H18 tempers and can be used in tape foil, cable tape, bottle cap material, antenna label, and food packaging.

1. For tape foil: The finished aluminum foil tape is made of 1235 tape foil as the raw material, and is processed through later processes such as lamination, printing, and gluing. It has good thermal insulation, strong adhesion, and anti-aging properties.

2. For cable tape: Aluminum foil has high airtightness and shielding properties. The aluminum-plastic composite foil formed by coating one or both sides with a layer of plastic film, that is, cable protection foil, is an ideal cable protection layer.

3. For bottle cap material: Aluminum bottle caps have strict requirements on the performance parameters such as strength, flatness, elongation, and dimensional deviation of the material. The surface color of 1235 aluminum foil is uniform, clean, flat, cleanly degreased, and has excellent performance, which meets the requirements of aluminum for bottle caps.

4. For food packaging: 1235 aluminum foil for packaging has good airtightness, moisture-proof and light-shielding, and can well protect the wrapped objects.

1235 aluminum foil has a wide range of uses

What are the specifications of 1235 aluminum foil?

Processing thickness: 0.006-0.2mm

Processing width: 10-1600mm

Processing length: C

Delivery time: 10-35 days

1235 aluminum foil has multiple different states, and there are certain differences in performance to meet the different needs of various industries. At present, there are many manufacturers that can produce 1235 aluminum foil, and the competition is fierce. How to stand out among these manufacturers? Quality and price are issues that every customer is concerned about, and products with high cost performance are easy to attract customers. 1235 aluminum foil manufacturer recommends Henan Mingtai Aluminum.

1. Strong strength. Mingtai has been focusing on aluminum processing with the heart of a craftsman for more than 20 years. It has become one of the top ten aluminum sheet and foil companies in China and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China's manufacturing industry. Five major production bases, with a total production base area of more than 1.3 million square meters and an annual production capacity of 1.4 million tons.

2. Reliable quality. Mingtai selects reliable large suppliers to purchase key raw materials and control quality from the source. We conduct quality inspections at every level on the production line and strictly control the production process to ensure good product performance.

3. Reasonable price. Mingtai Aluminum is a direct-selling aluminum foil manufacturer. All products are sold directly by the manufacturer. There are no middlemen to earn the price difference, so the price is advantageous.

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