8011 aluminum foil for food can aluminum foil easy-tear lid

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The aluminum foil easy-tear lid is a composite of aluminum foil and tinplate. The thickness of tinplate is 0.19-0.25mm, and the thickness of aluminum foil is 0.06-0.09mm. It is usually 8011 aluminum foil, which has been widely used in various food metal cans, such as milk powder and canned food packaging. Compared with traditional metal lids, aluminum foil easy-tear lids are easy to open, not easy to hurt hands, beautiful in appearance, excellent in barrier properties, and anti-oxidation.

8011-O temper aluminum foil has few holes, good barrier properties and heat sealing properties, and the product is cleanly degreased and clean on the surface. The product reaches food grade, can be steamed at high temperature, and is hygienic. The aluminum foil easy-tear lid made of 8011 aluminum foil has become the current common packaging form for milk powder cans.

8011 aluminum foil for food can aluminum foil easy-tear lid

Introduction to the characteristics of aluminum foil easy-tear lid

1. Easy to open. The aluminum foil easy-tear lid, the aluminum foil and the tinplate ring lid are bonded by heat-sealing glue. There is a pull ring to help when unsealing, and it can be easily opened without tools.

2. Good sealing performance. The aluminum foil easy-tear cover sealant directly connects the can cover groove with the can body roll sealing edge, with good sealing performance.

3. Safe to use. The aluminum foil easy-tear cover has an inner edge treatment on the inner cut of the ring cover, which does not cause sharp edges that are easy to cut the skin.

8011 aluminum foil supplier for aluminum foil easy-tear cover

Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum foil raw material manufacturer. The 8011 aluminum foil raw material produced by the company is widely used in tinplate aluminum foil easy-tear sealing covers. According to user feedback, Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil meets environmental protection standards and food standard product technical requirements, ensuring the sanitation and safety of the environment and products.

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